InfititeWP and why it saved my life


Ok the title might be a little too much, but it is almost true. As a marketer, I have lots of blogs and websites that I work on all the time. WordPress is the absolute best blogging software and have a wide range of usage from simple blogs to advanced websites. Unfortunately they also have many updates and the same goes for the many plugins my site consists of.

Therefore, instead of writing content, I have spent many hours every month updating the systems, and I always forget some of them because I simply cannot remember all the URL’s. The updates and constant fear of hack was always on my mind and clouded the productiveness.

With InfiniteWP, I do not have this problem anymore. It is simply “fire and forget” You install it, and add you sites and everything comes to you in a nicely formatted email. Updates are a breeze and can be done with only one click.

So, back to the title. Yes, it did save my life, because I actually gain 3 hours every month that I can spend with family or writing content. Now I decide. With my age I have re-claimed more than 1000 hours


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